Monday, September 28, 2009

"You Got What You Deserved"

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This unique piece of "art" by Jack Pierson makes the viewer question: "What is art?" or "Is this art?". I would argue that it is. This 14 by 11 inch thing, let's call it "piece", is graphite (seemingly pressed very hard) on paper. It features two different kinds of handwriting with a horizontal line between them. The upper handwriting is messy and angry-looking capital letters and reads "YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVED". The lower is sloppy cursive that says "Right off Hollywood Blvd". To the left of the cursive are a few dirty fingerprints smeared on the white paper. The four features of this piece have very different tones to them. The harsh upper handwriting, like mentioned before, looks very angry moving straight across the page while the lower is smoother and moves diagonally up towards the right, like a side note. The line between the two styles of writing is not straight and does not divide the page evenly in half, nor does it touch the edges of the pages giving the viewer a slightly uncomfortable feeling. Finally, the fingerprints make the piece look sloppy and more like a found object and less like a polished piece of art.

When I first noticed this piece at Midway Contemporary Art, I was intrigued, but not initially impressed. After thinking about the piece a bit, and then finding out some external information, I decided that I liked it. Jack Pierson was fascinated with Hollywood Boulevard and used things he found on the street in his art oftentimes. This particular piece features a note he found, supposedly "Right off Hollywood Blvd". I, myself, have an interest in found objects and the untold stories behind them. Art is supposed to (arguably) make us think, and this piece certainly does. Who wrote this note? What did they deserve? And why on earth was is lying in the street?


  1. I did the same piece. I had a reaction slightly different but interesting how at first you were not drawn to it. The background informtion on the piece also put the piece in some kind of context. Again, I found your interpretation very intersting.

  2. Perfect review Chloe. The only thing I might change is referencing the art as a "thing" - but outside of that - this is very professional. Great descriptive qualities - and so much detail from your description - I see more in that than in the images above - which is what you want to do!

    And the fact that it made you think about the art and the greater context of culture and states of being.... that's what makes it art.
    Great job!