Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Spiney Octopus" by Martha Iserman

While browsing through an issue of Vita.MN a few weeks ago, this image caught my eye. As soon as I saw it, I carried the issue over to my kitchen counter to grab the scissors to cut it out. It currently resides on my refrigerator. It is a watercolor painting of an octopus with spines. The octopus is red and orange with some earthy brown splotches and white speckles, almost resembling marble. His deep green suckers and spines contrast beautifully with his body and sad-looking bright blue eyes. The octopus is not doing much of anything except for just floating by the frame of this painting.
I think one reason why I was so drawn to this at first is the style and technique. The octopus’s head and suckers are absolutely beautiful. It looks very Japanese to me for some reason. I do not know if the artist intended for it to look this way, but I am reminded of classic koi fish paintings. The colors on this painting are so bold, I pause every time I open my refrigerator.
image taken from the artist's website


  1. Great review Chloe.
    Straight forward, descriptive, told me a story of how you were drawn to the work, how it affected you... great imagery - you made me want to see the work. very nice.
    (*and I like this piece as well)

  2. Hi Chloe- found this recently and wanted to say thanks! Glad you like the painting and have such nice things to say about it!
    -Martha Iserman